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On the High Line.

On the High Line.

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There’s a woman across the train from me who looks very nice and grandmotherly, has a cane, and is reading a book called Gigolos Get Lonely Too. I had to share, it’s just too good to keep to myself.

ETA This happened at 7:15 am. It just posted really long after I came up from the underworld. For some reason it was even funnier at 7am.
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Oops. I realized after I got a very sweet note from Jennifer that I shouldn’t post something about a borderline stalker and never post a follow up. Sorry about that. I’m totally fine, I had a nice week long break from the city when I went up to my parents’ place in Maine, and I’ve been babysitting up a storm.

The guy has still texted a few times, and it is so tempting to respond with a bitchy, emphatic text. Something along the lines of “NO. I DO NOT WANT TO GET COFFEE WITH YOU. YOU SCARED ME AND I NO LONGER HAVE ANY INTEREST IN MAKING YOU A PART OF MY LIFE. TAKE A FUCKING HINT.” But my friend has pointed out a few times now that he obviously can’t be reasoned with, and it’s not in my interest to respond in any way. So I’m refraining, even though I want to write back.

In other news, I went to Captain America this afternoon, and holy shit is it good. No spoilers, but I really enjoyed it. I’m going to see if the roomie wants to see it so I can see it again. Babysitting is about to consume my entire life for the next 2 weeks, so I’m glad I did something fun today just for me.

Thanks for the well wishes, advice, and commiseration after the dating post! It really helped. Treva, I did report him and they deleted his profile almost immediately, which prompted another text from him… But I’m glad I did it. Happy Friday, everyone!!

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Penguins discover rope.

You’re welcome.


It’s like the world’s drunkest limbo game.

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So, I have to document the first real dating failure of my life. I agreed to go on a date with a guy from okcupid on Saturday without a bunch of messages between us, because I’ve had good experiences so far and I kind of thought, what’s the worst that could happen? Well, never making that mistake again.

I had a good time on the date, but when I thought back on it in the sober light of day, there was some boundary-pushing that I wasn’t totally comfortable with. And then when he sent me a few borderline creepy texts, I sent them to a friend for corroboration. She replied “shut it down.” So I tried to, with first one polite, distancing text, and then another that was more forceful and explicit when my first was met with a barrage of 12 texts. The second text from me led to 80 texts from him, 1 phone call, and one tear-streaked selfie, all unanswered. At first unanswered because I was babysitting, and then unanswered because he was clearly not going to be reasoned with.

Luckily, all he knows about where I live is borough and vague neighborhood info, otherwise I would have been hoofing it to my sister’s place for the night.

Never again going on a date without some sort of vetting.

Oh, and there was another call while I was typing this. I really hope that doesn’t signal a return of the texting.

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God bless the Shake Shack at JFK. For someone who travels a lot, I’ve made a few horrendous mistakes. I’ve left my wallet at home, I’ve mixed up depature times, I’ve left a knife in my carry on (which was not detected). But today might be one of the worst. I tried to waltz through security with an expired ID. They let me through eventually, I just had to show them everything I had that showed my name and address and have a patdown and bag search. Very stressful, and very much curtailed my customary waltzing, but not a disaster, in the end.

My gate is next to the Shake Shack, so I’m eating fries and drinking my coffee in milkshake form. I still have to finish my powerpoint for my defense, and I’m pretty aggressively panicking about that. But my procrastination instincts are overriding my panic and letting me post this. Love you all! Happy Wednesday!

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This is pure vanity, but here’s my weekend in 2 pictures. I went on a second date where we walked across the bridge and got a drink. The weather all weekend was insanely gorgeous after such a dreary winter. Today I got a haircut at a salon that specializes in curly hair, and she gave me lots of tips about how to keep it looking good. I’m so happy with my haircut, and I can’t wait to see how it goes when I try. Hope you all had great weekends!!

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Today was a really lovely day. I stayed up far too late last night trying to finish my master’s project draft, and finally threw in the towel at 3 am. I woke up early, did a bit more work and then got ready for date #1 with guy #2 from OKCupid. I had been dreading it a bit, since I agreed to brunch instead of sticking with coffee for an easy out, but we left the place 3 and a half hours later, having talked the whole time with only a few awkward moments. I really liked talking to him, which was a nice feeling.

Then I went to trader joe’s and the wine store, buying a bottle of sparkly pink wine in anticipation of finishing my draft. After standing out in the snow for a while waiting for the bus, I got home and finished my draft. I’m happy with it, I think there’s still room for improvement probably, but I don’t think it’s a horrifying mess. Then I had dinner with my roommate and his girlfriend in our living room, splitting a bottle of wine while we looked up silly youtube videos. Capped off the night by making my roomie open my sparkly wine for me, as I couldn’t open it, and then drank most of the bottle myself. I should go to bed soon because I promised to cheer said sparkly wine-opening-roomie on in a race tomorrow morning, but I just wanted to document this. I’m very happy and very optimistic about the future, and it may be the sparkly wine talking, but it feels good.

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***Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche) (x)

I need to reblog this so that I can find it again. Also, I love it.

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A few things lately

1. The TV show Vikings is really fantastic. Travis Fimmel is so gorgeous and also very convincing as a brutal Viking raider.

2. Arrow is ridiculous. I’m now totally hooked. His lack of face mask is going to continue to piss me off, though.

3. Online dating is a mindfuck. You can see who is looking at your profile, so you can see exactly how long ago that guy you wrote back to looked at your profile without writing back. Trying not to take it personally, but it’s a little difficult.

4. Thesis is within days of being completed, I think. Which is one of the most exciting accomplishments of my life to date. I can’t wait to finish this last bit so I will be able to actually say I have my MPH!

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